The Counter – Terrorism Trap

By studying literature related to counter-terrorism, we realised how most of the policy papers are mostly state-centric and in favour of security inflations. Our approach might seem counter-intuitive. Ensuring Britain’s security through holistic criticism and assessment of counter-terrorism may not appear to be the most obvious solution. However, it is critical to understand how counter-terrorism measures actually harm us. Few advices and reports were made in order to de-securitise the terrorist threat. We will point out how over-securitisation and over-reaction are the main threats to Britain’s long term security. By weakening social cohesion, suspect communities and Britain’s resilience to foreign terrorism, the inefficient effect of counter-terrorism raises serious concerns. In this regard, we would like to stress how counter-terrorism practises are harming liberal states, including Britain. We emphasize the way future political moves should include attempts to de-securitise the terrorist threat and to leave opportunistic state approach. The trade-off between security and liberty should stop prioritising security discourses over democratic values.

Lija Falkova and Ismail Hamoumi